I know - I should be covering the horrible tragedies, the impending stock market drop, Ronda Rousey getting horribly clobbered, health insurance rates rising, and the latest insulting Trump remark.  Sorry - I'm out..   I'd rather watch a cat video.  You?  Good! I have a great site for you.

Everything is so heartbreaking and scary lately.  I fall deeper and deeper in the dumps with every newscast.  I want to stay informed, and I feel it's important to do so, but you just have to get away from it before you crack.  You can't hide from it all, but it's nice to get a break from it and I think it's actually healthy to do so.  You have to be selfish at a certain point and find a source of temporary entertainment.  If you're with me on this, I found a fun site.  Its called funnycatsite.com.

It has everything from funny cat videos to pictures, gifs and more.  There's "cat hiding from a cat", "cat loves the vacuum", "cat's first snow experience" and much, much, much more!

You'll love it, and it might help turn that smile upside down.

But WAIT- THERE'S MORE!  I've also included this funny cat compilation from YouTube

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