I am usually a news nut. I watch it on the networks and local channels, listen to news on the radio, read about it online and am usually in sync with what America is talking about.

That being said I have hit the breaking point with all the Casey Anthony news. I know that a majority of Americans are ticked that she was found not guilty in the murder trial of her daughter. It is sick, and she is definitely a troubled human being. She in her heart and twisted head knows what happened to that poor little angel, and regardless of the verdict she has to pay for it in her head and with God every day for the rest of her life.

I think if we all stop talking about her, and stop writing about her (I swear this story is the last mention of her you will ever hear from me) that she will fade away and live a life that she deserves in obscurity and ostracized from mainstream society. The more America keeps talking about her, and stalking her for tabloids and TMZ and magazines and TV interviews the more this helps her. She will become a celebrity and she will make millions of dollars for the dastardly deeds she may have committed or at least has biblical knowledge of. If we as a country just stop the discussion in person, online, on TV, the radio and everywhere else and send the message that we just don't care about her she will not have any value to the "dirt digging" media and film companies and they will not give her her totally undeserved pay day. Silence on this subject is the only justice we have left to give her daughter, so lets just stop the discussion forever right now.