So my buddy Matt is a holiday junky! If Christmas was a drug he would be in rehab and I love the guy for it. He even has a company that specializes in hanging your decorations "The Christmas Guys". So I have to tell you I was not surprised when I got a invitation to a Christmas party from him before November even started. The surprise was it's a "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party". There will be prizes for the loudest, tackiest, most over the top sweater. Knowing my competition I have TO GO ALL OUT! Let me tell you I REALLY want to win! So here's your mission my friends, help me find the most god awful Christmas sweater before December 10th. Nothing is too awful! I want something that even Bill Cosby wouldn't wear. I'm looking for a sweater that would make the Grinch's head explode. Comment here any ideas. Remember I am built like Santa so no place that doesn't have a Big and Tall department please.