Blenheim, NY.  A very interesting little corner of the world in Schoharie County.  They've had it tough, like the rest of the county, but people are tough there, as you are about to find out.  

Here Richie"s song at the bottom of this article (plus the lyrics! )

First off, a shout out to Laurie Vroman for sending me these shots of the area, including the famous bridge there.

Laurie Moffre

A very famous local garage named after the bridge!  It's the Covered Bridge Garage.

 Blenheim Song

Time for a "Your Town Thursday" song
A town that our Bethany pronounces wrong ....
With the biggest covered bridge you've ever seen
but got washed away and you can blame Irene
So many disasters it's insane
in 1990 it involved propane
and homes destroyed by the hurricane
But they keep moving forward just the same
Steve Kowalksy he's always around
he's the designated hippy in the town
this is something you shouldn't begrudge
Cuz that hippy, Kowalsky  he's the town judge
300 people - they  live there
that's the population - I swear
nestled in the county of Scoharie
the town is Blenheim, I'm Rhymin' Richie