Ok ladies and gentlemen, stage two of the search for a girl for the Sean and Richie Show is in your hands. We have to narrow the field down and it's up to you.

We are going to have 6 head to head matches with the last one being between three girls. We will be posting them in order that we received them and each will a 24 hour voting window.

Now this is important, you will only be allowed to vote once from your home or office, meaning if someone at your home or office IP address has already voted, you will not be able to vote again. This is the only fair way to make sure one of the contestants friends or family do not try to cast 7,000 votes.

Also, I will hide the results from public view so that if a girl doesn't get any votes or is blown away they will not have to be embarrassed by everyone knowing that.

With all that said let's get this party started. Here are our first two contestants, please watch or re-watch the videos then cast your vote for who you think will be the best girl for the job. Today's vote, Debbie Vs. Sarah.

Here's Debbie:

And Here's Sarah:

And now it's time to vote: