You know the show Jeopardy, right? You know how they play "Before and After" - where they merge the name of one person or thing with a name of the other and you have to guess?  It's hard to explain, but you'll get it when you listen below

Here's an example:  answer: Johnny Carson Daley .  So if I played a little of Johnny Carson's voice and then Carson Daley's, you would answer that and win!  Well, sorry, you don't win anything here.  These are just for fun.  So click on the audio and see if you can guess.  This should get you all stoked for the Taste Of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain this week.  (Got your tickets??)

from taste of website

Here we go.  Try your luck!  You can put the answers in the comment section below, and I will post the correct responses in a follow-up post tomorrow.  Good luck, and make sure you come to the Festival!!!