First things first, I feel horrible for this little girl. Eleven years old and doing her best only to be trashed on the internet. That being said it's time we all realize the National Anthem is incredibly hard to sing and not everyone can do it. Also it's time for parents to protect their children. If your Eleven year old isn't ready, DON'T LET HER SING THE ANTHEM AT A PRO SPORTS EVENT!

I think for the good of people at arenas everywhere we need to develop a list of Anthem approve artists. Just like electing Mayors, we hold contest and each region select like three performers that are actually capable of preforming the Anthem. Also just because you're a famous artist does not give you the right to preform the anthem. We could have yet another competition show like The Voice or American Idol. We call it "The Anthem" and the winner sings the anthem at all major sporting events for a year. Be real for a second people it's the most important song in our country and we let a tone deaf eleven year old sing it. I don't mean to be mean to her but if Luke Bryan needs to write it on his hand to get it right maybe it's too much for a child. Here the poor thing is.