We house several different radio stations at our Townsquare Media Headquarters in Albany's Pine Bush.   There is one receptionist here who directs phone calls to all of them (and that's not all she does).  It's about time that we give her and all the other ones out there some well deseerved "love".   

photo by Richie Phillips

She's Patty Beeker, and has been doing an awesome job on the "front lines".  Think about it -when you call a company's phone number and the first person you talk to is rude and obnoxious, doesn't that give you a sense of what the entire operation is like?  Maybe it shouldn't, but it does!  That's why we celebrate fine, helpful people like Patty.

I surprised her with recording device in hand yesterday, and recorded our discussion for playback on our  show.  Here's what that sounded like

mp3 version 

So please at least HUG a receptionist today (preferably your own).  Show them that you appreciate all of the effort they put in to make sure your company puts it's" best foot forward" to the public (and always return the stapler - I've learned that the hard way!)