Well Kevin Richards and I are getting ready for our orientation from the Premiere Radio group a little later this afternoon.

We have to learn how to use all of the high tech gadgets they provide us for our 100% digital broadcasts during my afternoon show from 3-7pm on Monday through Wednesday. No stars are out an about yet, the CMA Awards are Wednesday night at 8pm and we will carry them live on Today's Country 1077 'GNA.

We will be interviewing all of your favorite stars and setting you up for a great CMA show over 3 days, its an exclusive broadcast on GNA. Check the website for videos of our interviews and audio recaps from the biggest stars we talk to on the air. And if that's not enough we have another week of cash giveaways with the 107 Dollar Bill game which I'll be playing with you live from Nashville.

I don't want to rub it in but the weather here in Nashville right now is Sunny and 69. Go Titans.