Monday is the least favorite day of the week for most people. The weekend’s over, you have to be back doing the daily grind at work. However, I found a way to make this Monday, April 16th a little more enjoyable. It’s ‘National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day.’ Imagine showing up at your office in your PJ's instead of a suit.

If you work at a restaurant, just make sure you wear your work shoes with your pajamas. Remember- safety first. I'm not sure if any Albany area Hannafords or Price Choppers will allow this. It might be a health code thing. Police officers probably wouldn’t be able to celebrate ‘PJ Day’.

What a great way to start your week- in your pajamas. This would be the ultimate dress-down day. If you had the chance to celebrate ‘Pajama Day,’ would you? If your work place allows you to do this, please send us some pictures, so we can post them on our Facebook page.