This is extremely LINteresting.  I've done a ton of BlogLIN in my time, but this might be the most LINspiring story I've ever covered.  You'll be smiLIN - guaranteed. 

Wow, that really strained my brain.  I've run out of "Lin" words.  Seems like the media will do anything they can to fit one in whenever they can.  According to, this fantastic basketball player's name has been mentioned on ESPN more than "if" and "but".   They must have completely run out of corny "Lin" terminology!  They should have the Jeremy Lin Word Generator, from handy on their smartphone!  Just hit the button, and a new word comes up.  This is just a non working picture of how it works from the site itself.  I didn't include the generate button or it might confuse people!

This is a great idea, huh.  Very LINventive.  Give it a try. This is Richie from the SeanLINRichie Show saying, "Have a LINtastic day!" (too much?)