This afternoon I will be doing the drive home show for you as always from 1077 'GNA, but I'll be live on the gaming room floor of Saratoga Casino.

We started this Fall and Winter tradition last year and today will be my second month up there. We are in month 2 of a 3 month contest with Vapor and it happens on the 3rd Thursday of each month. I jump on the air live at 3 playing Today's Country and having fun with the listeners through 7pm. If you stop by my broadcast area I will even have discount coupons for $1.07 cent draft beers so you can enjoy an affordable happy hour today.

The best part of the show at Saratoga Casino is from 5:45-7pm as you start getting in line to be one of the first 107 people through the door at Vapor when they open at 7pm. Why? Because if you are you will get a compressed T-shirt shaped like a slot machine. DON'T OPEN IT THOUGH if you get one. Put it in a safe place and bring it back in December for the Grand Prize Party with GNA. We'll have all the lucky T-shirt holders from 3 months come and POP those shirts open all at the same time. One of them will say Grand Prize Winner and if it is yours, you and a guest will win a VIP Trip for 2 to the 2012 Daytona 500 from Sony Music Nashville and 1077 'GNA!

Kevin Richards will host a hot country dance party for you once the doors open at 7pm for Vapor and remember you have to be 21 or over to enter. While all of this is going on I will be trying hard to sneak in a few spins on my favorite game Tower 7's. LOL!! I'll see you this afternoon in Saratoga at 3pm.

Here's a video of a guy hitting a $27,000 jackpot as it happened.