We were very busy with our very successful "Small Town Tour".  However, it threw me off schedule-wise, because it happened on a Friday.  I usually debuted my town theme songs on Thursday.  But now the tour is done for awhile, so we can go back to our regularly scheduled program


I'm looking for a town to pay tribute to in song.  There are lots and lots of examples if you'd like to hear some.  Where this little segment falls short is if I don't get any information from you fine folks.  I'm looking for the factual and the funny here. The historical and the hysterical.  What's the funniest thing you've seen happen in your town?   What is the town known for?  Have there been any celebrities born and raised in your town?  I'd love to hear about it, and it makes for a better "jingle".

Please leave comments below and I will announce when the song will air.  Hopefully it will be this Thursday!   Thanks, folks.