This one needs explanation, I know.  I feel like I'm invading someone's privacy here by talking about a personal situation, but hopefully this is comic relief for Bethany and her family's nitemare.

So I think we all know the story if you've listened to our show. Our very own Bethany is technically homeless as she waits and waits (and waits) for her closing to happen on her new abode.  We won't mention the name of the institution, but if they don't get into their house soon, Bethany WILL be institutionalized.

from Facebook

Who's ultimate fault is this?  I will now butt in and give you my two cents - musically.  Apologies to Meghan Trainor for ruining her big hit "All About That Bass."

Wow- I feel really bad for one of my favoritist families. I hope this resolves itself very quickly!