We all have our pet peeves.  I could make a very long list, but this one has to be one of my top five - people who change their mind in the checkout line and just stuff the item randomly on the shelf.  This photo is not staged.  The scene?  The Walmart on Route 9 in Clifton Park

Dorrie and I went shopping on Friday nite and actually didn't finish until 10:30pm.  We went in there looking for a lawn sprinkler, and ended up getting everything but!   As we stood in the checkout line leaning on our fully loaded cart with the possessed wheel, I glanced over to the shelf hoping to grab a pack of gum or something.  I didn't find gum, but look what I DID find  (check out the bottom shelf)

Let me enlarge that portion of the picture in case you missed it

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?  A jar of CLAUSSEN PICKLES, a package of socks,and that all-important grape seed oil, all left on the candy shelf??

Why do people do that?  The checkout person is standing right there.  How tough is it to just hand it to him/her?

Oh, and did you catch the Fiber One in the Twix box?  How could ANYONE leave a perfectly good box of fiber behind?  (hey, sorry -it's an age thing)

I'm surprised someone didn't leave a can of motor oil or something.  Sorry, but this bugs me.  Does it bother you?  Tell me please if I'm off base here, but I call this a random act of slobbyness.  Save it for your own house, but don't make these stores more disorganized than they need to be.  Now where is the dental floss?  Maybe I should look in Lawn and Garden.