New allegations against the Transportation Safety Administration are mounting, and this is scary stuff! 

According to a story from BDN, they say that in regards to the TSA-

"half of the workers accused of sleeping on the job receive less than the lowest penalty called for by agent policies".



Say WHAAT?  Half of how many??  Just how many are we talking about, people?  Is this some kind of epidemic that we don't know about?

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There have also been 56 theft cases since 2010.  One screener in Orlando was caught stealing 80 laptops!    And guess what?  This is sickening, but just today, according to CNN, a couple in the San Francisco airport is accused of (get this) STEALING THE CONTENTS OF SOMEONE'S LUGGAGE RIGHT AFTER THAT ASIANA AIRLINES CRASH AND ATTEMPTING TO RETURN THE MERCHANDISE TO NORSTROM FOR A CASH REFUND.


Who's minding the store here?  The TSA should be watching, wouldn't you think?  Wow - if it isn't the TSA agent stealing, it's a fellow traveler!  Who do you trust out there?

I don't know about you, but I'm hitchhking from now on and bringing a security guard with me (who drinks lots of coffee to stay awake)