It's no secret that the internet is making bullying a hell of a whole lot easier.Back before the internet, you had to actually talk to someone to bully them. If you wanted to say something bad about someone, you ran the risk of making your opinion public.

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Now a days, kids are on sites like formspring, and These sites allow kids to ask anonymous questions about each other. Let's be honest, people are pretty mean on the internet without anonymity (have you been on YouTube recently?), imagine the horrible things these kids say about each other when they know nobody will find out it was them?

The claim that physical bullying is more devastating to a child than verbal bullying is ridiculous. High school is a confusing time for most kids. They will do things that aren't like themselves, in order to find out who they are. Sites like these can cause serious emotional damage to the people on them.

Would you want your kid on one of these sites?