Every year there seems to be an absolutely unbelievable catch in professional football. I'm sure you remember the catch the made the world take notice of Odell Beckham Jr. last year, a one handed catch in the end zone with his entire body extended as much as a human can. This catch by Tight End Gary Barnidge of the Cleveland Browns may just be even better.

Honestly the amount of concentration and heads up football savvy that this "catch" took is mind boggling to me. Barnidge was falling to the ground and had the amazing focus to realize the the ball had somehow wound up between his legs and had not yet touched the ground. He kept his focus and with his feet and legs pulled the ball up to his chest and held tight for the touchdown.

Even the Refs were dumbfounded when the play was over and it took a bit of a committee to understand what had just happened and to determine if in fact Barnidge had managed to somehow stay with the ball and bring it in for a touchdown.

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