Saratoga Performing Arts Center is a fantastic place.  I love it for the music and also for the experience, but I place a higher priority on the former than the latter.  Some people seem to have that notion flipped around.  I mean who brings a TENT to a concert??  Everyone but me, I found out.  


We went with friends this past weekend to Freihofer Jazz Festival.   As soon as we walked through the turnstiles and completed the short trek across the little bridge, I thought I had entered a campsite in Lake George or something.  The entire back of the lawn area was filled with tents- and I ain't talking "pup" tents.  Check these things out!



These things are phenomenal, aren't they? I have no clue how early these people get there to set these things up.  And I'm not done here.


Rows of them


These folks went with the umbrella concept, but they even brought pink flamingos.

Wow. I was complaining when I had to carry a little insulated bag and my pocket camera.  I'm dead serious.  I'm not criticizing these folks, by the way . I give them plenty of "props" for what they shlepped into the park, but I'm sorry, guys - it's not for me.  In fact, next time I'm taking pictures with my cellphone and will be satisfied with warm water.

Oh.  BTW Extra credit goes to these people with the oversized chairs.  Love it!


oversized camping chairs