I am not a doctor. I am not selling a book, or a pill. I am not a researcher or a scientist.  I am not taking money or being payed in any way by anyone in the "sweetener" industry. I am a Slenda consumer.

I wish that everyone who wrote about the "proposed" dangers of Splenda, (sucralose) would make those or similar statements before they begin their very expert sounding diatribes about this study or that experiment. They do not.

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So I don't know about you but lately, my Facebook feed has been inundated with these "warnings" about the dangers of what until this point has been my go to sweetener. There were claims that Splenda was "unnatural", could actually cause weight gain,  is detrimental to the intestinal tract's "good bacteria", and of course the threat of cancer.

After seeing this post over and over as it was being shared by many of my trusted Facebook friends, I began to get worried. It was this morning when I saw a good friend post that he was giving up Splenda that I really thought, "Man, I gotta look into this." So I did.

I spent hours on line reading website after website, there was no shortage of pages that used words like, "urges caution","potential  dangers", and "studies say". The trick was finding the websites and studies where these claims originated. I did. I also investigated the people and pages that made these claims of potential danger. Time after time I was led to one or two experiments and one or two people who claim to be experts.

What I can tell you is that these so called studies and experiments have been highly debunked by just about every governmental health agency on the planet. Even better, most of these claims of danger and calls for FDA approval to be revoked date back to as early as 2006, yet it is presented as if it were a new study. The so called experts doctors I heard these claims from were either not practicing, or received their doctorate from an unaccredited institution. The more I dug the more disgusted I became.

I could copy and paste, these claims of danger and in turn the debunkers but as I stated in the beginning of this article, I am no expert and I do not wish to even come off like I am. I will instead share a link to the site I first went to to see if these claims about the dangers of Splenda were true because  as it turned out after my hours of research,it was the only one  I really needed to see. SO if you still have doubts please click on "The Dangers Of Splenda" from Snopes.com.

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I have to ask myself, are we all really sheep? The media, the bloggers and your Facebook friends post things all the time that have no validity, yet they state them as fact or use cautionary words like , maybe, probable or even "I heard" and we all just accept it as fact. This is truly a sad commentary on the public and our ability to think for ourselves.This really does scare me.

So, is Splenda safe? I say,..... yes*. Unlike all of the others however,  I would also say, Hey I'm no expert, please check it out for yourself!"

* I should also note that there are many people who claim that after removing artificial sweeteners from their diet they feel much better and they feel that it may have been the reason for ailments from headaches, to stomach aches and much in between. This however is not EVIDENCE.