I love my little play on words there. I'm pretty sure it was right in the Bible, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's can", but I cant be sure. If it wasn't maybe it should have been. I know before this morning I did not know how many people take their trash seriously.

Let's see what our listener wrote in: "I live in an apartment and have a dog. So I have to take her out for walks throughout the day. When I take the dog out, I'm responsible and pick up anything I need to pick up. When I'm done picking it up, I put it in one of my neighbors garbage cans. My neighbor saw me doing this the other day and got upset and told me I had no right to put my dog's poop in his garbage. The best part, he is one of your listeners and I want to know if he was out of hand for telling me I shouldn't do it."

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