Do I have to even ask that question?  When you hear her list of  demands when she' on tour, it's literally everything but the kitchen sink.  No kitchen sink, but she allegedly does bring her own toilet seat.  This and more will be explained in rhyming form..


According to , when international pop star Madonna takes her show on the road, which she is doing as we speak, she shleps everything and everybody with her.  Just for starters, there is a staff of over 200 that tags along and also  30 bodyguards.  When I saw the huge list of extravagant demands, it made me think of the Beatles classic "Lady Madonna"

I decided to reword the song to give you the ACTUAL list of "gotta haves" by the Prima Donna, Madonna.  (say that 3 times fast) .  Here is how it went down this morning on the air.

mp3 version for iPhones and the like

Now let's compare this to country music's biggest current female star - Taylor Swift.

According to the , she wants fruit, bottles of water, ice cream. Done.  Nothing fancy at all.

I can see having at least some of the comforts at home when you are on tour for that long, but seriously?  If you were a big star, what would YOU demand?  Give me a portable keyboard, iPhone, iPad,  bottle of Merlot and gluten free pasta and I'm golden. (whoops- sorry, Dorrie- I'd bring you too)