I remember growing up as a kid and playing kickball during recess at school or playing dodgeball in gym or just getting together with a bunch of friends looking for something to do and wind up playing a game of wiffle ball. I always had fun and never once did i get hurt.

Well, the very State that we live in doesn't believe many of these childhood games are safe. The New York State Department of Health has created a list of "risky activities" in response to a law passed in 2009. According to the New York Daily News, the law sought to close a loophole that legislators said allowed too many indoor camp programs to operate without oversight. Under the new regulations, any program that offers two or more organized recreational activities -- with at least one of them on the risky list is deemed a summer camp and subject to state regulation.

Some of the "Dangerous Activities" on this list include:

Capture the Flag

Crab Soccer


Flag Tag

Flag Football

Ga Ga



Red Rover

Steal the Bacon

Any Variety of Tag

New York State Senator Patty Ritchie was quoted as saying this about the regulations:

"It looks like Albany bureaucrats are looking for kids to just sit in a corner in a house all day and not be outside"
She also added that the regulations would hurt small recreational programs by making them pay fees and a medical staff that they may not be able to afford.
So what do you think? Is NYS going a little crazy here? I played so many of these games as a child with my friends. Not once did any of my buddies or myself get hurt! I'm getting a bit sick of seeing so many kids get babied these days.