Yes, actually, it probably is.  There, I think I answered my own question.  

I wanted to do an article that attempted to "pick your brains" out there.  I wanted to ask about the right to bear arms and if that is as important as the right of an American citizen to go to a public place like a movie and not live in fear of being murdered by a psychopath who can easily obtain arms because of the right to bear arms!!!


It makes me angry, frustrated, and heartsick.  I have so many questions.  I'm so concerned about the direction that this country is moving toward.

But it's too soon.  It actually comes off as selfish when you think this way.   "Does this mean we can't go anywhere anymore without being put through a metal detector?"  Me, me, me.  Us, us, us.


I have to stop thinking like that.   It's not about us right now.  It's about THEM.  These poor innocent people who simply wanted a night out and ended up in many cases having it become their LAST night out.

I can't process it all, to be honest.  It makes you crazy.  "Heartfelt condolences" - that sounds like something out of a store bought Hallmark card.  Those words can't even approach how we all feel right now toward the families of these folks in Colorado.  That's all.   I'm done for now, but I'm never totally finished thinking about this and what it all means.



(P.S. To our digital team.  Sorry, I have no picture to put in here.  I refuse to put pictures of the victims, and I damn sure am not posting a picture of Holmes.  I don't want to see his face in my article)