There's a study for everything these days.   There's also a study that will contradict another study and ad infinitum.   Here's a very strange one  regarding that coffee you drink every day.

Take a group of people and give half of them a cup of coffee in a dark mug – the other half in a light-colored one.  According to an article in,  invariably the people in the light-colored mug will say that their coffee is more bitter, even if it's from the same exact coffee pot!

White Mug

They did this study at the University of Melbourne.  One possible explanation is that the coffee LOOKS darker in the light colored cup, so you think it's stronger.  It's all about perception.

But it makes me think that restaurants should consider color when they serve coffee because they might get a lot more complaints!

PS They also tried this type of study with a dessert a few years back and found that the one served in the white plate tasted sweeter than the dark plate.   Weird, huh?  Try either test  on someone and see if it works.  Let us know!!   I'm dying to spring this on someone myself!