So I have always been a big fan of the "Big Mac". It is actually amazing how many years I have been enjoying the occasional, "Number 1" at McDonald's. I have also been a fan of the "Whopper with Cheese", the signature sandwich from Burger King. So when I started seeing the commercials on TV for the "Big King" (clearly an attempt to duplicate the Big Mac) naturally I was curious. Though the Big Mac has always been clear and away my "go to " burger.

Sean McMaster, Big King

SO last night I decided to finally give it a try. I figured if I'm curious about it, there are probably a lot of others out there who are as well. For one, at two for $2.50 it is clearly a cheaper option and if I could get my favorite sandwich at 2 different restaurants, it cant be a bad thing right?


I have to tell you not only was I trying to be as objective as possible but I think a little part of me wanted the "Big King" to be at the very least, a pretty good knock off of the Mac. I was more than disappointed in what I learned. Yet I guess, not really that surprised.

First off I feel lie the Big King is smaller than the Big Mac and seems to use the same amount of bun.  Second, the "special sauce" is not as good as McDonald's and they used far too little of it on the "King". Overall the burger was dry and very bready and the bottom line was the "flame broiled taste" which I have come to love in my Whopper, just doesn't work with the recipe for a Big Mac.

I should say though that this is just my opinion and one that I got after trying only one of these "Big King" burgers and for all I know the particular Burger King I got it from just may not be good at making the new sandwich. I think if you too are curious you should definitely try it for yourself and make you own mind up.

I would love to hear how YOU feel about it and what is your favorite fast food burger/restaurant?