It's not official yet (at least of this writing), but there's a good possibility that our favorite Aussie is going to be an Idol judge.  How do you think he'll do? 

According to The, it is official.

Country music superstar Keith Urban has been named as the third and final judge for season 12.

Does he have the experience?  Yes.  He was a judge on "The Voice" in Australia.  This could be very interesting, because you have Blake Shelton on our "Voice" show and now Keith on their competition.


Coincidence?  I think not.  And I really find it ironic, considering that when Idol began back in the day  there was a noticeable ignorance about country music.  When contenstants sang even the most popular country hits in their auditions, you could tell that they had never even heard them before.

Fast forward to today where the show has not only  introduced us to future superstars (can you say "Underwood?"), now we have Country judges!!

It's great for the format, and great for us, so we're not complaining around here.  Let's hope that Keith holds his own.   Do you think he'll be more like Paula Abdul or will he be sarcastic like the old Simon?