No need to fear the date of April 15th this year.  The Internal Revenue Service is giving taxpayers two extra days to file your return. The IRS made the announcement Wednesday.  The deadline is being pushed back to Tuesday, April 17th.

The main for the extension is because the 15th falls on a Sunday which obviously makes it difficult for some taxpayers to get their return in unless they plan early enough.  Emancipation Day, a holiday in Washington D.C., is also that week on Monday.  Therefore, someone might not be working to accept your return as it is so why stress everyone out.  Last year, Tax Day was extended until April 18th, also thanks to Emancipation Day.


Tim Boyle, Getty Images

If you’re anxious to get your return filed right away, January 17th is the first day to file online.  You can simply e-file your return on the agency's website which the IRS says is the fastest, most accurate filing option for taxpayers.  If you, instead, need more time, you must file an extension which will give you until October 15th to file your 2011 tax return.  Most taxpayers are projected to file their return by the April 17th deadline.


I'm curious to know who still does the old style way of filing.  I do the e-file myself, but how do you file your taxes?  Also, do you typically wait to the last minute to file because you dread having to owe money to the government?  Or are you an early bird when it comes to filing your taxes?