A couple of practical pieces of tech that you can really make some use out of, plus your questions for our pals at Computer Renaissance of Latham  are coming up
The computer mouse really hasn't evolved too much.  It basically moves your cursor around the screen, right?  Time to get that little baby multitasking like everything else these days:
Wouldn't it be great if your mouse could do something else too?  Well now it does (although it comes at a price).  It's the Iriscan Mouse. It allows you to scan both documents and photos .
According to an article in USA Today.com  
"As you move the mouse, the images and text on the document will be stitched together in real time on your computer screen.
Here's a video on it.
It costs $80, but then again, it might be worth it to have all that capability in something that normally just sits on your mousepad.
                                         Make A Scene Easter for iPhone   $2.99
from iTunes
Your child drags and drops animated stickers onto these backgrounds and you mke these scenes for Easter.  You cn create a virtual Easter Egg Hunt.  It has chickens and lambs and rabbits (oh my)  and there's a voice that tells your kid what the item is as they are dragging it.  Fun sound effects.  And you can share the creations too
And now for this week's question to our friends at Computer Renaissance of Latham, your friendly tech experts.  I would like to thank them here for their sponsorship!

Question of the week from Tom in Rotterdam:  What is Google Analytics and why does it matter for my business?


Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales.  Google Analytics can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines and social networks, direct visits and referring sites.  As a business you may want to know how many people are coming to your website and where they are coming from to justify your investment on your website and to track your marketing efforts that are working towards bringing traffic to your website.  To get a Google Analytics account visit www.google.com/analytics.