Have you heard about this company called Apple? They've been in all of the papers. They have done something that they've never done before - a HUGE gadget announcement!  Check it out - it's called the iPad 5.

OK, I was of course dripping with sarcasm. They met in San Francisco yesterday, and here we go - the new iPad Air.

Summary? It's thinner, it's lighter (Apple's site says it weighs just one pound and it's definitely faster than the last iPad. It's at least 2x as fast. The Apple website sums it up this way: "You can do more than you ever imagined in more places than you ever imagined."

Prices start at $499 and go up from there, which is basically the same price as the previous one when it started out. More information on Apple.com

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Here's a hands-on video for you from YouTube:

This is cool, to change the subject. An app just for us, created by a listener, Kevin Wheeler. Thanks for writing in, Kevin!

This is an alarm clock app with a radio in it!  It's called Nightstand Radio Alarm and it also has playlist support, so basically you can wake up to us with your own favorite pre-programmed radio station -WGNA! It only costs .99. Let's support this local entrepreneur.

That's your Tech Talk for this week!