The first big snowstorm of the year has Iowa! The folks out there are "slip sliding away" to quote the legendary Paul Simon. Up to 8 inches of the white stuff piled up fast in Des Moines, Iowa and 53 mile per hour winds made traveling treacherous. As I write this in Albany, New York I look out the back door of the 1241 Kings Road studios of WGNA in Schenectady and see nothing just a few days before Christmas.

It is weird that I am wishing for snow to fall here at home, and they are cursing the fact that it did fall in Iowa. The fact that the wind and downed branches have 13,000 people without power in the freezing cold may have a lot to do with that. Nebraska currently has 36,000 residents with the lights out and the storm is far from over as it has been classified as a blizzard so the accumulation amounts might triple over the next day.  More on Iowa's white Christmas is here.