Somewhere in the archives we must have a picture of one of the original 'GNA vehicles.  If anyone out there has a shot of that, I would love to see it.  Then we can compare and contrast it to the one we have now! 

I thought it would be important to show everyone in advance in case you pass it someday on the Northway and say to yourself " That's awesome! What the heck was THAT??)

That, my friend is the new 'GNA Lexus, provided by New Country Lexus of Latham in case you are interested.  We thank them for that, to be sure.

I personally love the new wheels, and I'm going out on a limb to tell you why.  It's thinking out of the box.   Something different.  For too long we were so concerned about putting the typical stereotyped graphics on our vehicles: Cowboy hat, boots, George Strait's face etc.  Not that these were a bad thing.  (We still love you, King George)

I'm just saying that we can still be all of those things, but country music is now so much more.  It's evolved so much. It's much cooler now to be "country" than it ever was.  Why not have a car that reflects that? Even our bumper sticker is updated and  cooler than ever.   I keep one on my piano at work.

What say YOU?  Do you like it?  (Let me see if I can stuff these worms back into the can now, because I think I opened up one too many)

Please leave your comments.  Would love to know.  (and the "Crush" vehicle next to it? That's our sister station, by the way.  Nice vehicle too.)