If this isn't a sign that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, I don't know what  is!   Instagram now presents 15 second cooking lessons!

So there's this Dutch chef named Bart von Olphen, and he has a very clever idea - just perfect for the attention deficit syndrome laden times we live in.  It's cooking lessons that take 15 seconds.  How the hell can you accomplish that?   Well, he seems to be making it work, and the perfect place to try it is on Instagram.  It's called Bart Von Olphen's Fish Tales. The link will give you a sample of his work

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Isn't it amazing how well the media is starting to recognize how unfocused and scattered we're becoming?  15 second videos?  Wow.  In fact, why am I writing this?  If you only have 15 seconds to watch video, how long will you stop to read anything anymore?

I have mixed feelings about all this, don't you?