Amanda Giese adopted a little Boxer puppy who was born with severely deformed legs and pelvis and the bones in both of his hind legs were fused by the time he was 8 weeks old. She named him Duncan Lou.

At 12 weeks old, it became clear that Duncan was going to have to have both of his legs amputated and while many people protested and thought that Duncan should just be put down, they went ahead with the surgery.

Duncan Lou has since had custom wheelchairs built for him and does extensive hydrotherapy with Amanda. Duncan is doing great, he is starting to get accustomed to one of his chairs, which is important for him because it will help keep his spine straight, but Amanda would love for everyone to know that Duncan has no problem at all getting around on just his two legs, even as well as other dogs with four.

He really is an inspiration and proof that being "handicapped" is most certainly not a reason to give up or think that there is anything you can't do if you set your mind to it. I just love this video she put up about Duncan and I hope that everyone gets a little inspiration from this little dog that COULD!