April 15, 2013 was the beginning of a tough week in America! From the Boston Bombings, ricin laced letters sent to the president, the controversial gun control battle, and the Texas Explosion, it's been quite an emotional week.

Here are some Inspiring Country songs to help us heal and deal with the tragic events of the past week.

In honor of the brave 'every day' heroes that helped those in trouble this week, we'd like to honor you with Randy Travis' 'Point Of Light.' From people on the street watching the Boston Marathon to trained EMTs, doctors, nurses, national guard, and anyone else who did the right thing.

In honor of the firefighters in West,Texas that rushed to put out the blazes at the fertilizer plant, we salute you with 'Some Gave All' by Billy Ray Cyrus. This is also in honor of the 26 year-old police officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sean Collier, who was killed by one of the Boston Bombers. By the way, Willie Nelson has turned his birthday concert into a benefit concert for West, Texas.

Here's a song to lift and unite our entire country. Lee Greenwood's 'God Bless The USA' has been keeping our spirits high in the wake of national disasters and wars since 1983.

A song for the victims and their families, 'Angels Among Us' by Alabama. We especially want to honor Martin Richard, the youngest victim of the Boston Bombings, and once again acknowledge all who did the right thing in the time of need.

Is there a song that helps you heal and deal with what happened this week in America? If so, please post the title in the comment section below.