From time to time we bring in interns. These young men and women come and "work" in exchange for knowledge. Just about all of us have been there. It's a tough and thankless job but if you work hard and impress you never know what will come out of it. We currently have the pleasure of Kristina interning with us. I thought it would be good for Kristina to write to you. Here's what she wrote.

"Hey, my name is Kristina or more commonly known as the intern on the Sean and Richie show. Jeff’s been hounding me for weeks to do this so I figured why not and do it. I am currently going to The New School of Radio and Television for radio broadcasting. I have played piano for 11 years and I’ve sang for about 4 (one day you may hear me do both). That’s a little about me. Now the burning question is ‘What’s it like to intern for Sean and Richie?’ it’s honestly a lot of fun, except for the whole get up super early thing. Pretty much my day starts with show prep (stupid news, horrorscopes, etc.), then I do the show opener along with get everything organized and ready for Sean and Richie to get in and start the show. Then I kind of play a waiting game. Sometimes I have so much stuff to do like upload cd’s, input commercials, answer phones, call Steve, pull show breaks from the show, yeah, sometimes it’s a very busy day. And then there are days like this where there isn’t much for me to do expect wait until they find something for me to do (Jeff demanded that I get the blog done today or I wouldn’t be doing anything). So, that’s a little bit about me, what I do, and what its like to be on the Sean and Richie Show. Hopefully, you’ll start hearing me more on-air interacting with Jeff, Casey, Sean, and Richie. Maybe, I’ll even do another blog. You never know!"
Here's a pic of Kristina hard at work. lol Don't think for one second I won't be teasing her for getting caught "working" so hard.