How far would you go to see the championship of your favorite sport? What would you give up to go to the Super bowl, World Series, Final Four, A National Championship in College Football or whatever those soccer people do?
A young man in India has raised the bar! Sanjay Kumar Sen is willing to give up one of his KIDNEY to go see the India-Pakistan World Cup of Cricket Semi-finals! IT isn’t even the championship and this guy is on a street corner with a sign willing to trade a life giving organ for a ticket worth 25,000 Rupees! That has to be a lot right??! It’s like 550 American Dollars! That’s right for less then a new smart phone you can but one of this kids kidneys turn around and black market it for a small fortune. I wouldn’t give you one of my booze soaked kidneys if the Yankees were playing the Raiders in Hawaii with Bill Clinton, Frank Sinatra and Jesus doing the commentary!!!
If that makes me a bad fan so be it. I’ll live with that watching the Yankees go for their 28th title this year in my air conditioned living room on my flat screen with surround sound and a fridge full of ice cold beer. In short GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.!!!!

Listen to the couch here!

Here's the video

I don't get it either.