Do you believe that there are countries who still use the "old school" telegram?  Well, India was one of them, but they are finally getting rid of it.  Also, you have to see this new street sign that's ONLINE.  I also have a great app that will help you and the whole fan-damil get organized 

India. Finally did it.  They sent out their very last telegram. According to one news report at, they've been doing it that way for 160 years.  Some habits die hard though.  Lots of people sent a communication  to the Ministry of Telecommunications begging to continue it.  They want it old school, but India needs to move ahead.

But don't think that India is backward or anything.  There are 867 million cellphone users there, so here's an idea, India-- it's called texting!!!
It was only a matter of time until your neighborhood street sign went "high tech".  Introducing POINTS - the world's most advanced sign.
 It knows what's going on    It updates as the day goes on.  Specials at the restaurant down the road? It might show you those on a bullet point menu.   It updates from social networks- so like a news headline will come scrolling across one of the signs .
If the sign is,say, in downtown Albany.  It might say "This country concert Is coming to the Times Union Center".  Then on one of the other signs, it might say  "Race at Saratoga tomorrow 53 miles north and points in the direction.   Very cool.

                                                        App That's Not Crap 

from Apple App Store
                                            the Family Organizer from Cozi.  Free.
            It's a to do list, alendar, and family journal all in one.  You don't have to post things on a  refrigerator anymore.  You put it all online and anyone in the family can access it on desktop, laptop, tablet, phone. Whatever.. called it the #1 most practical app for working mothers .  It's for android too .  (No, they're not a sponsor - I just thought it was cool)
There's your Tech Talk for this week!