Well, if you believe that these folks are right, this could very well be the last Sean and Richie Show, the last blog, and something very near and dear to my heart - the last dumb song parody.  I wanted go out with at least an upbeat song, so I chose a Zac Brown toe-tapper, "Knee Deep".

I'll make this one short, because, hell-we all have alot of last minute things to do, now don't we? If this makes you feel better, do you know that 80% of the followers of  the "Family Radio" leader  actually don't believe him and plan on showing up for work? Well, gullible me!  I'm buying this lock, stock and barrel as usual.  In fact I wrote what could be my last parody and performed it this morning.  I'll repeat it for you here in case you didn't hear it.  But then again, I know you're busy preparing last meals and everything!

This was a joke, of course.  I fully expect to see you all Monday morning.  We're planning to show up just like the folks at Family Radio.  (Is it a joke?  Please tell me it's a joke!)

Oh, one more thing.  Don't you love this image above?  Family Radio actually got a sponsor for the end of the world!  Now THAT'S a great salesperson!