Scary movies are like my children I love them all but here are the first five that come to mind when I think about watching a scary movie. In reverse order.

#5 'A Night mare On Elm Street'

In 1984 Wes Craven and Robert Englund scared the poop out of me and killed a young Johnny Depp.  This movie made it almost impossible for me to sleep. In a true showing of brotherly love, knowing I was so afraid of "Freddy" my brother Kevin got a life size cut out and put it over my bed while I was sleeping. I may or may not have peed myself. lol



#4 '30 Days Of Night'

Director David Slade reinvents the vampire genre by making them more savage and playing on the desperation of a small town in Alaska that is entering 30 days of no sunlight. Sick movie that could keep you from EVER visiting Alaska.



#3 'Saw'

I'm not a fan of the "Saw Franchise" BUT there are few movies that mess with you head and force you to ask yourself "What if?" then SAW. Maybe the greatest twist ending in the history of scary movies Saw is a true original. "I want to play a game."



#2 'Dawn of the Dead' the remake

When the original 'Dawn of the Dead' came out back in 1978 it was a great idea but the effects were anything but special. So when they remade it in 2004 with modern movie magic they did it with fantastic effects and FAST ZOMBIES. Most people give credit to the movie that will hold my top spot on this list for "fast zombies" but that movie ISN'T a zombie movie. This is and it is scary! Enjoy.



#1 '28 Days Later"

In 2002 director Danny Boyle did something not even Hitler could, he made Great Britain unlivable! 28 Days Later is a very dark picture of what can go wrong when science messes with forces it doesn't understand.



These are just the 5 I was thinking of today. I will have more for you as "SHOCKTOBER" continues. I'd love some input, what are your favorite scary movies?