The economy.  The war.  Poverty. Office politics.  I could be covering any one of these important issues. But I don't feel like dealing with controversy today.  Do you?  I would just rather look at some dumb YouTube video and laugh.  So let's just hope you feel the same way as I present to you a cat that barks like a dog! 

There.  Now don't you feel better?  I'm not even going to ask a follow-up question.  It's not funny if you have to explain it.  Have a nice day.  (by the way-this video got over 8,000,000 hits, so I guess i'm not the only one who likes mindless fun!)

PS.  There are many more cat videos out there.  In fact, we've put them up for a vote on our sister website- the  Please do your patriotic duty and cast your vote today!  [