It's hard to believe GNA's Countryfest 2016 is only 11 days away! And come Saturday, July 9, this field will look a lot different.

Credit: Matty Jeff

The photo above was taken this morning at the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds, home of GNA's Countryfest 2016! Since this is my first Countryfest, I visited this morning to check things out and get a little insight as to what I can expect Saturday, July 9.

It's hard to believe this quiet, peaceful field will turn into the biggest celebration of Summer 2016 in JUST 11 DAYS! Standing there I heard the songs in my head. "I Drive Your Truck," "Backroad Song," "Drunk Last Night." I saw the artists getting the crowd fired up. And honestly, it all made my fur rise!

This place will be rocking in just over a week with Lee Brice, Eli Young Band, Granger Smith and more and I honestly cannot wait. From what I've heard from the whole GNA crew, G'NA Nation knows how to party and I am looking forward to my first big fiesta with you!