This particular project that I do every year is a real work in progress.  I'll pick up my notepad, write a few lines, then get sidetracked with something else and then back again.  I've written in the shower, on the steering wheel of my car (don't tell anybody that) - everywhere!   Here's what I have so far.

Every year since 1988 I have written a Year-End Wrap Up.   I've always called it "Time Is Marching On", and just to humor myself, I've always used the same tune.  Perhaps you've heard some of them within the past week.  We've even made a game out of "guessing the year".

Well, I'm now compiling thoughts for this one, and here's my list of scribbles so far. (I'm not sure I'll use even half of these, but I always throw everything against the wall no matter how good or bad.

photo by Richie
Blake Shelton
Zuckerberg giving away millions

Rachael Dolezal

Tom Brady. Footballs. Patriots
Trump. Mexico Miss USA
19 kids and Counting --evidence is mounting   Josh Duggar
Time to lick the donuts
Brian Williams – Iraq liar
Bill Cosby
Jumping white house fence
Tragedy France
Kim Davis  marriage license
Star Wars
Bernie Sanders
Taylor swift. Apple
Mindy irwin
Kaitlyn Jenner
Taylor off of Apple
Inside Amy Schumer
Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner. Partner
Bye bye Dave hello Fallon
Gas is 2.19 a gallon?
Miley Cyrus Gender Fluid
Llamas on the loose in Arizona
Yoga pants.  France
Bernie Sanders
Hioo Silvee Sheldon Silver Skelos. Fellows   Bunch of sneaky fellows
Dentist lion
$750 a pill
Taylor swift very wealthy
Amy Shumer you are filthy

Wow - and you wonder why I don't sleep at nite!  I also rhyme people who have passed away this year, and that could be a song in itself.  So please stay tuned.  I should have something by next week (hopefully before the first of the year!)