It's the new board game that's sweeping the nation.  I couldn't believe this, but my aunt and uncle asked me to play the other day!  I had no clue they had ever heard of it.  They're way cooler than I am!  But now I'm into it as well - however, I refuse to become hooked. Are you? 

For the uninitiated, the best way to explain Words With Friends is that it's high tech scrabble.  You play it either with an opponent that you know or a random person who could be in Peoria or Poland! When the person makes a move, you get a notification on your phone and it says "your turn", or "their turn", whatever the case may be.  You can be playing multiple games at the same time, so you could be getting messages  from vocab-crazed people all over the planet.  In fact, I saw a statistic on their site that says that MILLIONS play every day I am playing regularly, but I've learned to control myself.  (I don't inhale).   I can play while I do other things on the air, and you'd really never know it.  Here's audio to prove it!


Here's an overview of how the game works from someone on YouTube

Do you play?  Are you addicted?  What other games have become a glorious time waster for you?   Would love to know.  (Just don't use big words that I have to look up!)