The first big thaw of late winter is upon us. With it comes a whole new set of gripes. Can't we just be happy for a few days.

In Winter the gripes are the usual, people think its too cold or too snowy. I hear people getty cranky about the heating bills, and driving in the snow.

In Summer the usual problems are echoed as well. I will hear the same people saying it was too cold whining that it is now too hot. There are also the same people that whined about the heating bills now doing the same about the AC in their house.

In Fall it seems to be the quitest season around these parts as far as the gripes go, but there are still a few that I manage to hear when I'm out and about. Most of them revolve around raking, and the fact that people have to rake again and again as the leaves fall.

This time of the year as we watch the huge banks dissappear very fast the whining revolves around the fact that there is mud being carried into their homes. I also hear people upset about the fact that they have to wash their car all the time because of the muddy road spray that this melting causes. The occasional person will also be upset that 2 inches of water is in their basement for the 35th year in a row. Why this suprises them, I don't know.

I don't personally gripe about any of the above. I live in New York State, I have seen these seasons for years and I know they are coming, and what they bring with them. Whining won't change any of that.

Now taxes, that's another story. I will whine with the best of them on this subject. That's a whole different blog.

Enjoy the melt, the mud, and the car washes. Spring will be here soon and I will be on the tee letting the big dog eat again soon. Come on Mother Nature, bring it!