That's about as knowledgeable as I can be with horses.  Sorry, but I just don't have the time for studying the history of every one of these beautiful creatures, but I still really like the atmosphere.  Are you coming to the track? 

photo by Richie Phillips

Like I say, I just like the atmosphere.  I love taking pictures at the track in the morning.  This was from our last live on location broadcast.  I took this with my very expensive Nikon camera, by the way.  (Ok, I lied-- it was with my iPhone! 

For all I know, that could have been Palace Malice working out.  I don't know one horse from another, and I'll be the first to admit it, but there is a great site that you can use to find more information about the famous Travers Stakes.  Here is is.

You will learn about the famous canoe that gets painted every year in honor of the Travers winner.

There are fascinating facts about the trophy that they give - the Man O' War cup.  It's a real history lesson.  I think I'll leave you now and "bone up" on my Palace Malice facts so I can actually speak intelligently!