The Powerball jackpot is huge heading into this Wednesday's drawing and well worth a $2 investment for me on the ride home. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that small investment and dreams of hitting the jackpot are worth it. $360 million dollars will be up fro grabs when the Powerball drawing is held tomorrow night. Even after the taxes if you just put the winnings in a checking account you would have a hard time just spending the interest. I would enjoy knowing my kids are set for college and life after I'm gone, and I would build a nice little house for my wife and I somewhere,and let her do all the floor planning and decorating because I suck at that stuff. I would also let her buy a new Coach bag for every day of the year, and play a lot of golf for starters. First things first though, I have to buy that ticket on the way home. Good luck to you all.