We all have that line that we believe is considered where Upstate New York starts, whether it be Poughkeepsie, Albany or other. Here is what we aren't in Upstate New York.

I personally feel that upstate should start in the center of the state and everything south of that line is south. The center is Albany. So everything from the Capital Region and north is Upstate New York to me.

With that said there are subtle nuances that we may not realize are part of our every day life but the video below sure does point them out. We have towns that can be hard to pronounce and spell. We have sayings that are inspired by car dealers that we will never forget. We are only a few hours from Canada and we don't look at Saratoga and Lake George the way others will view it.

Here is Buzzfeeds take on "I'm From Upstate New York But I'm Not...