This Saturday I'm excited to be joining Janelle Heath in a cooking competition at Saratoga's All-American Celebration!

We will definitely be cooking up trouble!  We are competing against a couple of guys named Todd.  Both of them.  I guess because they are both named Todd they think they can cook better than us.  Nope.

Our cook-off is just one of really cool events that are going on all weekend long in Saratoga.

You can check out the car show, the fireworks, the parade, the party downtown with The Audiostars, and so much more!

Check out the site for Saratoga's All-American Celebration - Click Here!

You can find times and locations and parking info  - Click here!

Bring your family to Saratoga this weekend!  Stop by the cook-off and wish Janelle and me luck!

And I'll see you at the fireworks!