You guys did it AGAIN!  You are now 4 for 4!  Another "Write A Song Wednesday" is in the record books.  It's number 1 with a bullet!  Could be a Grammy nominee!  ( Ok, Richie - calm down) .  Nevertheless, here's your (or shall I say OUR creation!) 

So all you folks called in and contributed lines very clever lines that go with the first one, taken from "Tallagega Nites".  As I heard it, a lightbulb went off in my head---"WOW, this would fit the Olympic Theme!"  Here was the result

Audio Bonus! - Using my fancy fancy software and lots of coffee, I decided to see if I could fit you guys right into the song so YOU are performing it instead of me!

Great job again, folks.  You make it easy!

Would you like to hear a few from the archives?





(f you ain't first ,you're last 

so you better be fast

go big or go home
or you're slee---ping alone
don't buy that ring yet
cuz I'm gonna JET
if you don't win the gold
there's no dream left to hold
I want a winner , a winner
i don't want a beginner
winner a winner
go big or go home